Friday, January 21, 2005

Reality TV and I hate it and Beaut my Ute

I only remembered while reading an article on Joe Simpson (the dad of jessica and the other one) on what type of reality shows i hate even more than date based reality shows - shows that star rich stupid people. Simple life and Newlyweds are a scourge on tv and modern society. It makes me so angry. grrr. I generally hate most rich people, especially the children of rich people, and I hate stupid people even more.
So watching spoiled and stupid brats like Hilton on tv is incredibly painful and makes me weep for the children.
When i was a lad, primetime TV had BA Baracus, give BA a welder, some trash cans and a 76 camaro and you got a freaking tank. Give Nicole Ritchie a sliced onion and an onion rings machine and you get a bored party girl making a dick out of herself. Michael Knight and co helped people - Hilton and Co do the opposite.

ARGGHH shits me to tears.

J. Simpson knows that 300 count cotton is nice but not where tuna comes from. Come back Macguyver we need you!

On the sane side of the bus, i mentioned "Pimp my Ride" as a show I think would be very cool as an Australian show. The MTV show is hosted by Xibit from I think the WuTang gang (it boggles my mind - Dirty Bastard could have hosted a great wine appraciation show), he takes old bombs from people and using a crew of car detailers and modifiers makes them pimp mobiles; usually entailing tv screens, playstations, boom boxes and a lot of automation.

Now besides me, now one under 50 wtaches renovation shows, but "beaut my ute" or "spend a tonne on my bomb" would get the young people in. Imagine Weber's Starlet with a custom paint job, a massive spoiler, a disco ball and new 2Litre racing engine. helloooo ladies

The MTV show is more about the cosmetic side, the australian version would need to be about speed and, of course, safety. It would be hosted by Chloe Maxwell (just because) but the makeover garage would be run by the dude that was in Sound Unlimited Posse (he's probably an accountant now but that matters not), this would be an excuse to have local hip hops acts 'visiting' and laying down rhymes while the guys worked. It would be a ethnically diverse crew; with each member having a speciality; the Italian - the paint joband panel beating, a lebanese would look after the engine helped out by the anglo saxon bloke, and an asian would, of course, do the electronics and stereo system. Every week the asian guy would come up with a crazy idea to which the Italian guy would always respond with "Ninja please!" It would be a catch phrase - on tshirts and everything.

Come on it would be better than Blokes world if it didn't have strippers.

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sounds like an episode of PIZZA!