Thursday, January 13, 2005

D!V!D! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Febuary looks like a good month for DVDs. I usually go in dvd buying binges, usually everytime Kmart has a 15% off day or if JB HiFi are having a decent sale. I'll buy 5 or 6 movies, shelve them and not watch them for months, years even. I think it a silly ethnic trait I picked up of buying stuff when its cheap and stockpiling it for the future. Instead of blankets and canned goods like my mother, its dvds and graphic novels.

I haven't bought much of late; the Avengers boxset (mmm Mrs Peel) and a couple Hollywood action flicks (Bad boys 2 Rocks!) but man next month there's some awfully pretty dvds being released.

First off, I love Jackie Chan. Even his crappy Hollywood pics do not diminish my manly love for Jackie. I read his autobiography and everything and even don't mind his singing. So with a happy happy joy joy step Universal are releasing the Hong Kong Legends versions of Armor of God and Police Story, probably his best 2 films. I'm all giddy. i've picked up a handful of Hong Kong Legends dvds in the past (Sammo Hung Titles) and they do a good job.

On the opposite side of the spectrum THE BREAKDANCE MOVIE BOXSET!
I rememeber seeing these at the cinema. I was a pretty good breaker was i was a lad. Last year i did a headspin and put my back out. Beat Street (not part of the Breakdance franchise) was really good, an indepth look into graphitti culture which at the time was quite exotic. i may check this out but I may be wearing my nostalgia pants.

Dangerman - is essentially James Bond without the sex and violence but still strangely hypnotic.
DangerMouse - is essentially Danger Man with the violence and sex (always off screen - what!?) but with better acting. Again i may be wearing my nostalgia pants (they're very comfortable but not very flattering).

And i'm sick of Channel 7 messing with Arrested Development so i'm very pleased that the boxset of season one is out at the end of febuary. All the episodes i've missed will be mine.

And Lone Wolf and Cub is the greatest peice of fiction ever, the movie is not really worthy. The first one is ok but then they get progressively worse. But i'll get it anyway. Because samurai action is should not be wasted.

so i gotta save those pennies

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