Friday, January 14, 2005

we're on a world tour

As a young teen punk, i'd smash bottles, rattle fences and proclaim "hope i'm dead before i'm 30", "don't trust anyone over 30, man" except for the dirty bloke with the mullet and his good supply of mull.

The first statement was a joke, honest. The second statement gets updated every 5 years "don't trust anyone over 40, man"

In celebration of turning 30, I'm currently planning a trip overseas code named World Tour XXX.
Middle of August the plan is to fly to Europe and spend

  • 4 days in London

  • 3 days in Barcelona

  • 4 days in Paris

  • a week travelling from Pisa to Venice, by way of Florence and Verona

  • a week in Slovenia
Now I'm not actually a fan of site seeing, as a disaffected member of gen-x I've seen it on the telly and that's good enough for me but there are a couple of things i want to do - some cliched, some not
  • get a bespoke shirt made in london

  • see a bullfight and get a tattoo in Barcelona

  • do a 1 or 2 day cooking course in Florence and ride vespas around while staying in a villa

  • i doubt my wish for a threesome in Paris is going to be fulfilled so probably i'll have to think of, and settle for, something less romantic

  • introduce emma to the extended family in Slovenia
but i'm thinking I need more ideas and suggestions

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You know what they call a threeway in France?

A Menage A Trois.

I love that line of dialogue from Pulp Fiction.