Saturday, January 22, 2005

Comics I've read recently

Starting off with the local stuff; reread Crumpleton 2 and 3 (I have seemed to misplaced #1) and its very good. What amazes me is normally that art style would do nothing for me but its suits the story so well.

I reread Dunwich and I have to keep in mind that its 4 years old and that the creators are much better now, because it was such a struggle to get through.

Because i'm a massive fan of Christopher Priest and there isn't much else interesting me on the shelf, I've picked up Captain America and the Falcon. The first 4 issues is really good, the art is a bit crap mainly because the story telling is a bit crammed because the artist spent to much trying to make his pages look cool. I'm trying to get into the next storyline but its not gelling. Priest is using way too much exposition.

Shoalin Cowboy, sure it was pretty but i felt a bit ripped off. Pretty doesn't do it for me.

For some reason I've become interested in Legion, I liked the Abnett and Lanning run on the series (mainly for Copiel's art) so I picked up Waid's first issue and it seems ok. May pick up more. For some reason when ever i think about Waid and his work, I get the song from Karate Kid 2 in my head, the power ballad "I did it all for the glory of love" mainly because with Waid's Flash Wally always would save the day because of the Power of love (not sure why i don't get Huey Lewis and New's Power of love in my head then but whatever.)

Now that I'm picking up a couple new superhero books its funny that I've just finished reading Jeffery Brown's BigHead, since i feel like i no longer need superheros; every single trope and cliche has been done by the Brown in BigHead. Superhero comics now seem redundant. Until Allstars Bataman and robin, that'll be kewl. Pick up Brown's Clumsy and the companion piece, Be a man. Very funny stuff.

It's a shame that Human Target has been cancelled but I don't think Human Target, the character, is designed for a long series. There is no room for character develeopment for a man who plays other people; well nothing outside of the "who am i, am i playing the role or is the role playing me, who is Christopher Chance?". It would be much suited to a series of miniseries or OGN that don't really rely on other issues.

Picked up Small Gods #6 and will probably read it soon.

I'm slowly going through my collection of comics that i had stored in A4 display folders and putting them in comic boxes so I'll probably be reading more than sorting. It also means i'll be selling some stuff (stuff i now have in trades) and buying other stuff to fill in gaps. So if there's anything people want let me know.

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