Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Nominate, don't salivate

Some of best friends are colourists.


Over there!
Its the Ledgers!

Sorry for the big downloads and for stealing bandwidth. If I can make a suggestion; when the final nominations have been made - can we get a small set of samples for each nominee to help us judge the best - this would be a good idea for best inker, penciller, colourist, letterer, etc, etc


Annette Kwok

A lot of the colourists we see in Australia just do the odd pin up or front cover, so its good to see someone do a whole comic in colour and colour all the 'boring' stuff. Shows a bit of professionalism.

Matt Huynh

Just check the stikman's blog there's much good colour stuff there (the beastie boys one is a bit flouro green but maybe that's the point). The MooQuack pages are just phenomenal.

Doug Holgate

Doug's been quiet this year, mainly because he now belongs to Image and Kevin Patrick.
But his gallery shows the bits and the bits are good. A lot of his stuff is too big to link to here but
is worth the effort

That Cosmic Corsairs piece is probably the best piece of art this year.

Jason Badower

The colour job he did on the Killeroo Book 2 story was pretty good.

Sean E

Did a alot of TopCow softporn stuff which in itself wasn't that exciting but he did some neat stuff with it. He seemed to use a limited palette (reds, oranges, browns) but did some decent work with them. I rememebr he did a non-topcow peice which was really nice. Also worked on a book about colouring if memory serves me right.

So close - I think Komala does some nice work (check her blog), Sean E just pips her for quantity, not quality.


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Hi Mark, SeanE here. You can find all my stuff on http://sean.sevspace.com