Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Welcome, as accustomed as i am to public speaking

Well then. That's simpler than it should be.

I had always, well in the last 2 months or so, intended to start a blog, the date i had in mind was for the new year. With the closure of the ozcomics forum i no longer have a place where i can rant, pass judgement or attempt humour in public.





I'm hoping that this blog will uphold the beauty of online publishing where i can tell you about what i had for breakfast, share really bad poetry and not look like too much of a wanker. And I fully intend to post more than 8 times.

fingers crossed


douglasbot said...

I for one welcome this addition to the land of bloggery.

Congratulations...and don't make me look like too much of a wanker.

Your pal,


DC said...


HA! I kill me!

Jase said...

will there be pizza?