Thursday, December 30, 2004

2004, huh, good lord, what was it good for?

A lot actually. It was a good year, a very good year.

Highlights include
Me and Emma bought a house together after searching on and off for 2 years. Have spent the last 3 months doing it up and i'm incredibly proud of the work I've done. Thank god, for 2005, we (or more imprtantly ME) also now have our weekends free.

I got promoted twice at work (well actually once, the other is a weird government temporary promotion - that may get extended).

Went on a very nice holiday to Bali.

My best mate got married and though i ruined every single wedding photo (i don't smile well and i had a prison haircut) it was still good. Not as good as the buck's night that went on for a weekend but there was a severe lack of strippers at the reception (taking pictures with the provided disposable cameras of one's geneitals does not count).

The magazine did well and I was quite proud of the 24 Hour Comic Challenge.

Emma got a promotion at her work.

And we have recently sponsored a 8 year old girl from Chad.

Lowlights include;
(You need the odd lowlight to make the highlights better.)

The various election results, the war and recent natural disasters. Totally out of my hands to varying degrees, but still something that weighs on my mind. But stuff like that, makes everything else seem piddly.

So other piddly stuff;
-moving out of my unit of 4 years. Had a lot of fun times and it was my own space so it was sad to leave. But now I'm renting it out to a visiting Indian Doctor and his family so its in good hands.

-renovating is a horrible process which involves a lot of fights (me and em beforehand had only argued 3 or 4 times in 9 years, renovating brought that up to 3 or 4 times a week which made everything even more stressful) and a lot of hard work. The hard work - i grew up doing (but god - will never enjoy) but the fighting I can leave behind.

-working at a place with the dumbest short sighted management I've ever seen, thankfully i was able to jump ship to a better place.

-the winding up of a private business i had with buddies of mine. It never made a mint but it was still good.

i hope everyone has had a good year and if you haven't well there's a whole new year to improve with.


douglasbot said...

Arr...a wealth of good fortune be upon yer head and filthy bilge rats away from your chum bucket!!

Happy new year!

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