Saturday, December 11, 2004

Korea Haim was Cool

So i sent off the package of books and uploaded the flyers. During that particular month i was also working on issue 5 of the magazine, trying to get it ready for supacosplay in Brisbane and renovating my new house so it was a hectic month.

The Bucheon Comic book fair took place in the middle of october and in terms of what I know this is it;
-the books and promotional material were recieved and liked.
-people around the office liked Batrisha
-eclectica press sent 80 books, i'm not sure if that was 80 different titles or 16 different titles (with 5 copies each=80)
-I had talked to Ben Howard from Phosphorescent to give their books a translated traetment but Ben was hitting the convention curuit and I believe heading of to a P.Diddy party. Nonetheless I think he sent some books over.
-The eclectica stuff was well recieved by the local artists
-Oni comics also had a presence.
-Again Batrisha was well recieved by kids and families
-very few international creators got publishing deals, and those that did were all there in person, specifically a creator with the first name daniel from canada.

I still intend to try and get some more info but that's all I got, so sorry for those involved.
Your books, if they weren't picked up for reading by a publisher, are now residing in the Bucheon Cartoon library, i did also ask for any excess books be sent to any English language schools in the area but have no idea if this was done.

But I was invited to go to next years event, not "here's a room and a plane ticket" invite though. I was told that it would be romantic, i'm guessing that this a error in translation, but i'm hoping. I may do it all again next year , if i do I'll most likely try and get my own booth and print out all the materials locally and ship them with the books. I probably won't go next year, the plan is to go to the US but in 2007 I want to do some of the Asian countries and may try and fit in the Book fair.


DC said...

Oi! hands off our Corey Selan!

Anonymous said...

"Our Corey Selan" sounds like some sort of indian meat product; "Our corey selan has that great tandoori taste without the calouries".

Plus we all know you stand on the Corey Feldman side of the Corey Field.

DC said...

True. couldn't give a shit about Haim really, Feldman is the one true Corey.