Sunday, December 19, 2004

Nominate, don't gyrate

The Ledger march continues - one of the weird categories in Ledger land was Best/Favourite Person.

I don't understand the difference between Person and Achievement; especially the person behind the acheievement is getting the award - unless 'Supanova' gets the award and gets to put it on the 'supanova mantle' in the 'supanova house'. But I'll play along, I know how to play along.
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Person of the Year


Bloody hell, I'm great (i think i'm getting a handle on this blogging thing). I like myself heaps and you would to, if you were me.

Tonia Walden

Her work on producing the "Once upon a time" and "Eat Comics" anthologies needs to be commended. Its clear she's not doing it for profit or even to break free it seems (i'm guessing) - I can only assume she's doing it for love and we need more of it. Looking forward to the Pirate anthology.

Dillon Naylor

For being enterprising and creative chap. Look, its all been said before so there is no need to rehash.

Doug Holgate

Like Donald Duck; bum up - head down, scouring the sludge that is comics looking for opportunities and avenues to GET STUFF DONE. And every now and again he makes a squabbling sound in RAGE but is still kind enough to always give Huey, Louie and Dewey (and other comic creators) advice. And apparently he looks cute in a sailor outfit.

Jason Rand

Comic Creator Rule #23 - To write comics for the American market you have to go to America, know someone in the biz and then beg, cheat and steal. Jason breaks the rule. His debut in writing comics is for one of Image's more acclaimed titles, Small Gods, and that's pretty cool.


douglasbot said...

Gawd that Doug guy was a good looking chap. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?!?

dillon said...

that photo didn't really do me justice. i look a lot more like bill murray.