Friday, December 17, 2004

nominate don't procrastinate

Nominations for the Ledgers ends January 7th and I hope people plan on nominating books and then when the times come - votes. I think its important books and creators get the recognition; especially at an industry.

At this point my suggestions for Achievement of the Year or Person of the Year (i'm still not sure what the difference is)

1) Dillon Naylor getting Batrisha merchandising into Target.
People say that Dillon is making his own road, i dunno, i think he's looking at what other people outside of comics are doing, proper businesses and then adapting what he finds. Next year he'll most likely get nominated for either the Batrisha ride at MovieWorld, the Batrisha live action film starring Natalie Portman or his deal with Pixar.

2) Gavin and Emma for Phase 2
We all bitch and moan about distribution and here two great people have done something to fix it. I know from OzComics Magazine point of view its been quite successful. It incredibly well thought out (technically and functionally).

3) Ryan Vella for the 'he died with a fallelfel in his hand' graphic novel
I usually don't think nominating people publishing books as an achievement; since thats what creators are supposed to be aiming for and doing. But Ryan got a graphic Novel out by a proper book publisher in all book stores. Here's hoping its a first.

4) Avi and the Oztaka distribution.
Say what you will about the actual books (and the actual contnet isn't that bad its more the editorial decisions that are suspect - but i may get in to that later). Getting it in Borders and Electronic Boutique, getting Madman ads, its pretty bloody impressive.

5) Leigh Rigozzi and Sarah Howell for the Dark Woods Exhibition
Taking comics and comic art to regional Australia. Though I think it didn't show much of a range of art; essentially Tassie alternative types I think more people saw that exhibition than those who visited Artist Alley at Supanova.

Otherwise I think in a business sense Danny is doing great things with Supanova, George should get props for Kings Comics and the support he gives local publishers. Ben Howard for publishing Australia's first completed full colour mini series - quite the achievement and more importantly the Creator Owned Line.


Anonymous said...

One way or another, you'll ALL want to be my best friend next year. NEXT YEAR I WILL ALL WIN YOUR APPROVAL! AAGH!

meh, I'm over it.

Hope the most deserving wins


Mark Selan said...

just remember Frank I wanna be your best friend now - so i get first dibs.