Saturday, December 25, 2004

Nominate, don't cheesegrate

Gary Chaloner is the main fellow putting together this whole Ledger's Awards thing and he should be congratulated. But there are a couple of things wrong with the award; for example Letterer of the year; first of all its bad grammar its not letterer - its letter writer of the year. Secondly you have to understand that Gary used to subscribe to the Yellow Kid, he's pretty old and therefore not up to date with technology speak - no one writes letters any more its all blogs. There's a third point but I've forgetten it, hopefully I'll remember it later. So when Gary says letterer of the year he must mean "weblog of the year".
L. Frank Weber's blog is updated daily and funny as hell. a good mix of 'what i had for breakfast - (invariably pizza)' and "this is what's wrong with you all (you aren't frank)"
Doug Holgates, not as frequent - i preferred the cartoon ranting of Cartoon Prophet of Rage, but the current one is good to with nice piccies and everything.
Patrick Reid
Just bloody funny, it went queit while Patrick was being tortured by Sydney siders. Its good that its back.
probably one of my favourites, its a shame David doesn't update daily because its one of the better "this is what i did today" blogs especially when he uses words like 'booby' that makes me laugh. Its like knee pockets by without the pictures, paper and so on.

Distinguished reviews of 4 colour fancies
I've lost the web address of this but it was reviews of australian comics done by turn of the century (the one before the last one) and it was quite funny, but like the great Comic robot 400 a flash in the pan.

Oh I rememebered the third point - i don't pay that much attention to letterering in comics; since even bad lettering doesn't phase me - as long as its readable I'm happy. Subsequently my usefulness in discerning good letterering is void but I needed to type something.

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Anonymous said...


And by the way, i've noticed your blog lacks something, and I think it's because you arn't exactly like me, or that you eat pizza. But that is okay, not everyone can be as perfect as I clearly am.

And you forgot to mention the third and most important point of why people should read my blog: "this is how you become more like Frank, and thus, attain perfection."

that is all