Thursday, December 30, 2004

Nominate, don't lactate

On the whole, there are very few comic strips that get my attention, I only check Zippy the Pinhead daily, and if i get a newspaper, I look at Farside, Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts and maybe Zits, and its sad that Zits is the only 'new' strip out of that lot. Everything else that I've read is naff (except that one where they use old office illustrations 'get your war on' something like that, i like that but can't make the effort to find it).

I'm only considering stuff that is serealised regularly. If you want nominate stuff like Weber's my dream girl orSocial Comment 1 and 2 which I would link to but those bastards at webcentral gouged poor frank and now he has no website to show his brilliance.


So the only comic strips I'm going to recommend from first hand experience are
Raymondo Person by Patrick Reid.

I've seen one or two strips by Dean Rankine, from the GrossGirl and booger boy series, as published in Mania. Go to for some samples. Not bad stuff but clearly not aimed at me - though i do the odd booger joke like everyone else.

Otherwise, Dillon Naylor's Batrisha appears in Kzone, I've read the books but not the individual strips. I haven't read Rock 'n roll fairies which appears in Total Girl.

Other stuff by Locals whose other work i've enjoyed but whose strips i haven't seen, is Phunky Monkey by Alex Major and Da n' Dill by Dillon Naylor.

Again, can we get some samples of the final nominees when they are announced?

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