Friday, December 24, 2004

Nominate, don't celebrate

On to as important stuff. Nothing says Xmas like retail.

And though I think a publically polled best retailer category heavily favours big city stores - i think some sort of recognition is needed for the smart and sexy retailers who support the local gear.
I hope these guys win, though George orders more and i think Bricks and Mortar stores are invaluable to local creators in trying to get more readers, Gavin and Emma have taken a big leap. The actual store is great, the functionality is well thought out (my only wish is if i could skim thrugh titles without having categories, and the front page is an annoying click thru.). Their service is excellent. As a customer and publisher, i'm nothing but very pleased. Hands down - coolness.
George is the man, I've been in the store once and it was very good, clean, decently laid out, books by genre and though I couldn't find Sandman Mystery Theatre #25 (arrgghhh) they regularly order and reorder OzComics magazine with little begging.
I have to give props to my local boys. Peter runs a very cool shop, walls of Trades in genre, couches, respectable interior decorating, an australian section right by the door, and innovative marketting - a breath of fresh air in Adelaide comics. (they'll have a proper site in the new year)
Any store that has face painting has got to rock. Having regularly signings and festivals featuring local creators is great - i hope these guys stick around and grow. I don't see myself going to canberra anytime soon but if i do - i'll definetly drop around and look for Sandman Mystery Theatre #25.
Ian is also a great supporter of australian comics and a smart guy at that. I haven't had as much contact with Ian as I would have liked though but i have an order ready to go. I haven't been to his new shop but the old one was ok, decent selection of back issues, good selection of trades, it needed a bit of a sprucing up but I'm sure the new place is good and I hope to visit it this year.

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