Monday, December 27, 2004

Nominate, don't incubate

Yesterday i was away from my computer and the internet did shudder!

So, onwards with the march of the ledger's

Inker of the Year

Jesus Christ
Had to live under the shadow of his dad for awhile, a nice bloke who really has come along in the last couple of millenium. Even though he injured his hands when he was young he has a generous style he's a bit over exposed maybe. A couple people ape his lines and do it damage, but he's ok, really forgiving.

An old school inker, in the early days his ink work was really jaggered and his weight lines varied alot. Then when his son came around, it got a more gentle and let the penciller shine through. Still has a traditional following.

Muhammad, peace be upon him
New school, a disciplined but gererous style. Plenty of followers, which is a real bother if you want something signed at a convention.

Getting popularity because of the whole manga explosion. A well meaning but deliberate style, becomes one with the lines of the penciller. But needs a harder work ethic, contemplates the art too much and regularly misses deadlines.

Has his following too with cost cutting publishers, but many people don't like his digital enhancement of pencils as a form of inking.

I know stuff all about inkinglet alone what's good inking, and its harder in such a small industry to fathom who is a good inker since artists usually ink themselves. Simply put I don't have the info to seperate the inker from the penciller. I like Darren's, Stikman's, Nate's, Jase's and Rodrigo's ink work but I'm not artistic enough so don't take my word for it, i'll prpobably be leaving this section of the nomination form blank and letting the smart people to decide for me.

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