Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Comics are for kids and everyone else.

I only recently figured, as of this month (roughly) I've been collecting and loving comics for 15 years.
There's very few things I've done/ had/ known consistently for 15 years.
1) I've known my parents for longer
2) I've had hair on my balls for longer (just)
3) I've had the same country road coat in my closet for longer
4) I've been a nail biter for longer

My first comic I bought was the first Predator comic in late 1989

(Truth be told my first comics I bought were the Star Trek III and Last StarFighter movie adaptions in 1983)

I was 14 and a graphitti artist, an incredibly shit one, who was only allowed to do fill-in work, I was much too impatient and uncreative to do any line work (except tags). I may track down some pics of stuff I did. Anyway, i thought i would boost my cred and track down some Vaughn Bode stuff. Ending up at the adeliade comic shop, i met the crankiest comic shop ever - who called me an idiot (but later gave me a job) and found some cheech wizard comics. Walking out I spotted the Predator comic.

And it was cool, or KEWL and RAD as was the trend of the day.

The Predator series took its time coming out, so i'd visit the shop daily. This was also the time of Batman hysteria, which i got caught up in. I bought Trades of the Dark Knight Returns and Arkham Asylum. Simply blown away.

And I was hooked, I started collecting.
The first series I collected was Detective Comics, Norm's art just rocked my brain (it still does). Looking back Grant's stories were a bit hookey but I was easily amused.

I then branched out into Batman, Legends of the Dark Knight (the other DC heros did not really interest me), then skipped over to the Marvel side of the shop, X-men, Spiderman, Hulk.

I then grabbed stuff like eightball, hate, the tick, sandman. My love was well rounded.

Funny thing; this year i almost quit. I was growing bored of everything. With the cancellation of X-statics, its the first time in that 15 years I haven't collected a Marvel comic. Previous to that my last DC Universe comic was Lanning and Abnett last issue of Legion.

There were few comics I wanted to commit to as a monthly purchase. And nothing from the majors really captured my interest. Wildcats was cancelled, Bone finished, Eightball and Sin City irregular, all the superhero titles were all tired and dumb. Those titles from my youth that got my interest had gone or simply didn't (wanker alert) grow with me.

I would just pack up my long boxes and cancel my subscription.
Thankfully, I found something new.


douglasbot said...

What man?! What?! For the love of god what did you FIND!?

Jase said...

Ha I would do line work with NO fills because I couldn't afford enough paint...and I think I did a piece that actually said "RAD".

Out of the comics you mention Peter Bagges "Hate" was my fave I'm still collecting some of the Buddy TPBs. His latest one Sweatshop was good for about 5 issues then took a serious dive bomb.

Mark Selan said...

Doug - you know, good comics. You want to know the titles, jeez, some people are hard to please. Maybe tomorrow.

Jase - Sweatshop looked good, but got cancelled so quickly I wasn't sure if i should make the effort. Its one of those titles that i'll pick up if i see it in a dollar bin. I dropped Hate sometime around issue 30, i think for financial reasons. Does it still read good? or is it like watching John Hughes films, for the sake of nostalgia?

Jase said...

Since I'm a late comer to Hate I've been mainly picking up the Buddy TPBs. Up to volume 5 of them which I think is number 21 to 25 of I haven't seen anything past that yet. It did lose a bit of it's charm when it went colour but I've really enjoyed the series so far.