Sunday, December 12, 2004

Democracy is so cool until...

people get it wrong.

Sure a couple wrong political parties got voted in this year, but casey totally won Idol this year and that dude from Broken Hill won Big Brother so public taste is trustworthy.

But just in case,
vote for Batrisha by Dillon Naylor
Phunkie Monkey by Alex Major (I think, can anyone confirm?)

at the Kzone Comic Poll thingy

Now i'm not sure if this always the case but when there is an sms line and an internet poll; smsii are worth more. But don't quote me on that i most likely am wrong.

And also go nominate books at the Ledger Awards, there was a lot of good books that came out this year and it would be a same if they weren't recognised. And though I think that because Australian comic distribution is poor Juries should be voting winners not the public, its still an effort that needs supporting.
There's a month left to nominate.

I just got a whole load of books from Phase 2 comics so i may be posting some suggestions later


DC said...

Democracy doesn't work, never gets things done. Benevolent dictatorship is the only way to go.

douglasbot said...

There are Australian Comics?!?