Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Movies, more like mehvies

I went to the cinema 10 times this year.

According to the IMDb site; release for 2004 I made the effort and so 8 films. In the year.
And it wasn't much of an effort, i think more than half of those i saw because i had free tickets.

Me and em used to go once a week. Em goes more often now; because of her job she gets lots of free tickets but usually to crappy films or horror so i stay home.

Anyway, picking five good films out of the 10 is going to be embarrassing.

Big fan of the first one and of Matt Damon. Though the car chase at the end was ok, it was bit of a rehash of the one in the first film. This was not a disappointment.

Just spectatcular, gets a bit dull at the end. The better fight scenes are at the beginning so the end drags slightly, but still very good. And Zhang ziyi is the hotness. Paid to see this one and it wasn't even tuesday.

I have no problem with Tom Criuse, he on the whole makes entertaining films. And though this is white man saving other people, its got samurais in it. Samurais make everything good! And the Ken Wannabe dude is great.

Shut Up!
It was surprisingly good. I'm a sucka for dance scenes in movies and this had a great one in the middle. The ending was sickeningly sweet though, but the male actor, Mark ruffalo (i think) did a great job of not looking like a tool and Jennifer Garner is cute as a button.

Some nice action scenes. Will Smith just played himself which was disappointing. The effects were nice. Needed a dance scene.

Otherwise, just a lot of meh
- hellboy; meh
- spiderman 2; meh
- van hesling; meh
- troy; ; meh
I left the cinema on those occassions completely 'meh'. Not bored, angry, satisfied, entertained - just 'meh'. Sigh.

And the worst film was Underworld. The crappiest thing I have ever seen. Absolutely no redeeming features.

On the other hand; films i want to see but didn't
Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
Day after Tommorrow
Shaun of the dead
Anchorman; legend of ron burgundy
Shrek 2


Tonia said...

I'd definately recommend "Shaun" - its a lot more fun than a lot of this year's flash and dazzle souless "blockbusters" - and it's better to watch on DVD, because you get the "plot holes" explained in comic book form.
"Underworld" was special wasn't it - I was hoping to get some mileage by bagging it as we watched it, but it was just boring really.

douglasbot said...

Gads...i forgot about Last Samurai...though wasn't that late 2003??

Oh well..definetly top 10. I dig the Cruise, though i'm not so sure about this War Of The Worlds malarky with Speilberg...(I like Speilberg too...I thought Minority Report was TOPS!! And i even dug AI)...but i dunno...it doesn't feel the same set in modern day. The whole point of the original story is that it's set in the turn of the century and the main protagonist only hears second and third hand what is happening in other towns. All Tom has to do here is pick up his mobile or jump on the internet or turn on the telly...which just turns it into Independance Day II: More Independant.

We shall see.

Oh and i haven't seen 13 - 30. But Jennifer is indeed the hotness.

Mark Selan said...

Instead of introducing a virus, Tom asks the aliens "Would you be interested in an IQ and personality test?" to which the aliens try not to make eye contact and move on to the next planet.

douglasbot said...

Is this before or after the awkward silence caused everytime Tom slides into the room on his knees in socks and underoos?

Anonymous said...

Tom and his powerful lawyers take the aliens to court, after the verdict the aliens make a large donation to a charity of Tom's choice. Before leaving the planet, under court order,the aliens make the following statement
"Tom Cruise is not gay, he has never been gay or had any gay experience - even Top Gun, that was totally non-gay. We are sorry for insinuating that Mr Cruise was gay and invading the planet."

Tom and his lawyers, then hug and go have a steam.