Friday, December 10, 2004

My Brilliant Korea

I had arranged with Joelle, the representative from the Bucheon Comic Book fair to print out some posters and flyers for the Australian books I was sending over and upload them to a file server.
As was the Deal with Joelle, i had five copies of each book that i was sending over (i was quite astonished that it only cost $110 to send a massive box overseas) featuring;
-Crib Allan
-Hairbutt the Hippo; Softboiled Tales
-How to save the world; a beginners guide
-Killeroo (1 and 2)
-Knee Pockets (1 and 2)
-Tales from Under the Bed.

Unfortunately Matt Huynh sent Bloom in too late for me to translate and design promotional materials for; as did Dave Kerr and World's Away. But they were included anyway.

Ok, onto the stuff (remeber some of the files are large and these are not final versions)

Hairbutt Poster - This was a tricky one that involved a bit of photoshopery. It could have been easy to ask the various creators if i could have their working files but 1) time was of the essence 2) i didn't want to waste people's time just in case it was for naught. I don't mind the top text (translated means soft boiled tales) the bottom text is a bit 'meh' but it needed to say Hairbutt the Hippo somewhere on the poster. With translation theres a matter of trust; i'm hoping that Sunny translated "soft-boiled" tales to be a pun of whatever Koreans call "hardboiled" stories. Though i think it would be cool if publishers expected stories about runny eggs and got hippo violence.
Hairbutt flyer - I was actually kind of worried doing stuff for Jason Paulos, afraid that he would rip me a new one for creating crappy work. i had just finished doing an interview with him for issue 5 of the Ozcomics Magazine (cough plug) and he was not afraid to let loose in his responses. But in the end he was really happy with it. This was the last one I created and i had very little in the way of images to fill it up with.I think all of the flyers would have been better as a5s instead of a4s but i didn't want Joelle have to be cutting up pages for the annoying australian fella.

Tales from Under the Bed poster - again an early translation,that had the problem of Doug being actually creative and hand lettering the cover. By not using the products of Richard starkings or Blambots its obvious Doug hates comics.
Tales from Under the Bed flyer - me and doug chat pretty much daily and is an incredible cool fellow and not the bastard he comes across as; he's like a food that's all crunchy and tough on the outside but all soft and spongy on the inside but with more hair (first person that names that food wins a prize!). With this in mind, i feel like a wanker that i buggered up the pamphlet; its way too busy but i was trying to show off the really good story telling inherent in Doug's work. Note that in the final version the bottom right side of the flyer had Doug's bio and on a whole the text was darker and more readable.

How to save the World poster - me and Owen meet up and drink once a month; well I drink and Owen looks nervous. At this stage i was really comfortable with using the Korean alphabet and was able to create characters pretty quickly. The best bit is that "How to save the world" comes out to 9 different shapes, very efficient.
How to save the World flyer - the hardest part of the flyer was getting decent images to make it look interesting. I think i sort of achieved that, i think you get a sense of each of the characters. Probably needs more colour but all the art i had access to was B/W and though i haven't tried my colouring skills most likely are crappy.

Crib Allan poster - I think this came out the best. Frank Weber is the coolest; he even lets me call him by his real name every now and again without berrating me. I owe him $100 for crib allan sales and dinner so i made a decent effort with his work; like 111% effort instead of like 110% for everyone else. It doesn't hurt that Crib Allan (look Frank he comes the pity party) is probably one of my favourite australian comics and at least top ten favourite graphic novels (hmm idea for future post).
Crib Allan flyer - this flyer is probably my favourite, everything looks just right. It took me ages to find the right art but i was able to pick some of my favourite bits of the book. I had the "Cmon Jojo" dialogue translated, and even Jojo's 'ook' got the Korean treatment. Thing is though that Frank sent me original colour art to include in the flyer or poster and for the life of me i couldn't fit it in. I'll post it up one time, maybe but it was some good stuff.

Whoop - tommorrow if i'm not hungover, the results of the Korean thingy


Anonymous said...

Yeah, okay, ha fucking ha man, you made your point, you're a fucking comedy genius, alright?

I prefer it the other way now.


Janice Marie said...

Doug hand lettered the cover? Arse! I designed a whole new font in fontographer, clicky clicky on the little points, ruined my eyesite for weeks it did!

(oh yeah good job on the korea stuff selan, way to go!)

Mark Selan said...

The original title of this blog was "Mark's Collection of Spelling Mistakes and Factual Errors" but it was too long and i thought people would just assume....

But sorry for the mix up, look a brown dog!

Mark Selan said...

Crib Allan is hot in New Zealnd Frank, right up there with TunTun