Tuesday, December 28, 2004

procrastinate, and deviate

I wish i had this before Xmas,
Scary Santas Galley
Seven and Nine are personal favourites (and seven of 9 is hot as well)

I did some post-xmas sales shopping before work yesterday, pretty happy with the bargins i got. Then got an email from Emma about the Tsunami and it kind of dawned on me, I'm happy about 40% off a jacket whilst there are people that have lost everything. Thanks to Doug, the money I saved on clothes has now been donated to the Red Cross Asia Quake and Tsunami appeal.

And from that there is no real segway so hey Toys are cool!
Top 100 toys
I think I have a good ten of those, i might go over to mum's and see if i can find my old Viewmaster, Rubics cube and remember

I hope people are watching "Andy Ricter controls the Universe" on Monday mornings around 2. Very funny stuff, more laughs than Arrested Development but not as clever. Its like Herman's Head but funnier. @ weeks back they had an episode about Black Irishmen and it was one of the best sitcom episodes ever.

And i went to see De La Soul last night. This year was pretty slim for concert going - i think less than five, which is pretty lame. When they actually got there it was a good show - before that, sheesh, had to wait 3 hours listening to dodgy DJs, with no "pass outs", drinking over priced (and foul) beer in plastic bottles. Me and Em had a good possie to enjoy the show with the exception of the bouncy yet unbalanced dreadlocked fellow who got in the way at times and the young fellow on e who kept trying to give Em a hug. Sigh. Thankfully his friends pulled him away and he went to bother other people. But De La Soul was great, a good mix of songs from their half dozen albums, only problem was that there was only 2 of them - one seemed to be missing which is disappointing. Same as last time Public Enemy toured and Terminator X stayed at home, I'm guessing because of arthritis. Anyway - still good. I'll post blurry photos of pasty white arms being held in the air obscuring rappers soon hopefully.

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