Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Nominate, don't salivate

There once was an awards called the Ledgers
That was about recognition and not sledges
Named after Pete
To win would be sweet
I've got my beer where are my wedges!

I'd like to accept the Ledger for best Ledger inspired limmerick on a comics related blog, it was great to be nominated but wow what a treat.


I think this early on for these awards there are too many categories, it probably would have been better to let the awards grow a bit to accomadate new categories and whatnot. My fear is that people have a tendency to try and fill in every box presented on a form, in this case for every category and if they can't come up with something for each they may just give up. (well that's my theory anyway).


So when it comes to webcomics, I know stuff all. have nothing against web comics, not at all, I think that the web is a great medium to tell stories to a huge group of people. Problem is I spend a hell a lot of time in front of a computer and I don't really like it. I fear that if i get addicted to webcomics, there will be that little kernel of hate that will fester and I'll end up a bitter old person who hates comics.

Plus i really can't be arsed looking at comics on screen, since i read most of my comics on the dunny, bed, or train so until webcomics can be read at these places it will be a struggle to get me to click.

but I have seen a couple.

Webcomic of the Year
I don't mind one off or gag strips, its the serial web comics which i find difficult to visit regularly

Raymondo Person
Raymondo is down and out the funniest thing ever. Its perfection.

Platnium Grit
Mainstay of the Australian scene, innovative, funny, sexy. I wish it wasn't shockwave but I'm hard to please.

5031 -
Sometimes a bit cute, needs more cheese fucking. But sometimes its clever so it balances out.

Criss Cross Jazz
Thankfully the interface for this got useful, it sucked when this started. I like the art but its 2 damned slow at one or two panels a week, its hard to bother. Its a matter of let me know when its finished and I'll read it in one hit.

I'd like to include some of the entries from the 24 Hour challenge, like Jase's and Doug's but they've receieved their accolades. Also the excellent Crab Allan is getting some play at Modern Tales, but thats a couple of years old now. So I can't even fill out 5 nominations, the last couple were a mind racking struggle but when the final nominations come out i'll make sure I'll give'em a visit.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you give those moniations a good visit, moniations need visiting now and then, like all proper moniations do.

just plain LAZY dude.


Mark Selan said...

Thanks for the spelling mistake pick up Frank

Tonia said...

Mmmm, I agree about there being too many catagories - probably be more meaningful if there were just a few to start off with (I went to fill in the nomination form and realised like you, I couldn't fill in a lot of the spaces)
I think "Crab Allan" has been rejigged for Modern Tales - what I've seen looks a bit different than the print version (I'm sure LFW can inform us), so I'd count it.