Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ozcomic 24 Hour Challenge - round up

After 2 weeks of registerations we have 54 people who have signed up.

If you haven't you should register too.


The Frase said...

is there anyway to see who's registered without registering yourself?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Cocktail,
Just sign up you big puss!

(57 now - come on peoples!)

Mark Selan said...

yes, scott - register. don't wait and see if the kewl kids are doing it - be one of the cool kids.

The Frase said...

I was just curious as to who was doing it.

I had no intention of doing it this year (although I'd quite like too).

That WAS until Maggie called me a "big puss".

Now I'm considering it.

But in answer to my question- I take it you CAN'T see until you've registered?

Anonymous said...

Ah. *cracks knuckles*
Works every time.
Now I'm looking forward to a Frazey Fantazey 24hr comeeck!

PS - 64 and rising.