Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sydeney Supanova - Moves

Thanks to Andy for the tip but it appears that Supanova moves from its central harbour location (Wharf 8) back to Homebush. I never went to the first Supanova event but went to the ComicFest event in 2001 which was out of the sticks and it was a pain to get to.

I think there's the issue of cosplayers and safety; I don't know how safe the area is but as i understand it is pretty industrial so i wonder is it exactly safe for teenagers dressed weirdly to be travelling through there?
If it is a larger premises, i think it would be nice to offer some sort of changeroom so people can travel in safety and get changed at the site.
From a more selfish point of view, being an out of towner I'm concerned at having to carry 40kg of books across town without using a car. So i'd like Tim McEwen to pick me and all there artist alley from central sydeny and deliver us to the convention. It would also be nice if he wore a bus drivers hat.

or i'm possibly overreacting


Andy said...
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Andy said...

I second Tim driving artist alley around in the Supabus! How can he say no, especially if he gets to wear that special bus driver's hat!

Tonia said...

Kinda glad I decided to go to Doujicon instead.

Komala said...

Wah wah wah, Mark, Homebush is halfway between the city and where a bunch of us live! ;D Olympic Park has always been set up for easy transport and big crowds, so I think it's actually a good move. (I'm also happy to drive people around if they're staying between Parramatta and Homebush.)

And I thought CF2001 was held at Fox Studios, which is still very close to the city. Are you thinking of Bankstown?

Mark Selan said...

Komala - I'm reading between the lines here but would i be correct in saying that you belive that I'm over-reacting?


Can i still insist that Tim wear a funny hat?

and YES! Bankstown I've been trying to remember where it was what year was that? 2002?

Komala said...

Heya! I believe a bunch of teenage anime fans are overreacting on the forums, influencing your views. You don't live in Sydney, so your reaction ends up being understandable. Does that make sense? XD The only thing they might have a point about is the food.

Asking Tim to drive to the city to pick you up is meeeean, he lives closer to Homebush too! But he should definitely wear a funny hat. And I think Bankstown was 2002 or 2003, but the years are blurring.

I wasn't joking about the lift, by the way - accommodation's cheaper outside the city as well, I can recommend places if you're still thinking of heading up.

douglasbot said...

I'm more upset that you didn't warn me that that link went to the Supanova messageboards.

Excuse my while i stab myself in the jimmies.

Mark Selan said...

i like being understood for my misunderstandings.

and Tim must wear a funny hat

Tips on accomadation would be great - as long as I'm near where the drinking is, I'm happy.

Will you wear a funny hat if you give people lifts?

Doug - times are hard, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Bring a funny hat and I will wear it. But only long enough to have a photo taken.

Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to be your bus drivin' man, I don't have the correct licence.

I was going to reply to this earlier, but didn't get around to it. I'm glad about that too, because Komala did a much finer job of giving you the low down than I would have. Ta, Komala.

Tim Mc