Thursday, May 25, 2006

Supanova - What was sold

This is a run down of sales I made during last month's Supanova.

Sureshot presents x 60
My aim was for about that BUT 25 of those were at wholesale prices to retailers or the 'end of con' special i ran. i also gave away about 10. So i only sold about 25 at cover price; still it covered the printing cost for the whole run so I'm pleased.

5031 x 7
Based on a web comic by Owen Heitmann, i only had seven and they were gone pretty much on day one.

How to Save the World: A Beginners Guide x 10
Half of these went to a retailer at the end of the con. This is such a frustrating book to sell; its comic size, great quality production and has a nice price and therefore good value (its 48 pages). PLUS its actually a very good book story and art-wise, but it doesn't sell well. I can only put it down to the cover, even thoigh its eye catching and well designed I don't think the target audience is attracted by it. From now on, i'm pushing the zombie factor.

Crab Allan x 3
I have to beg Weber to let me sell these but they do sell, slowly but at $20 that's t be expected.

Pretty Zombie x 10
That was sold on day one - 4 hours in. Cute Zombies plus obscene sex acts sell.

Angry Comic Shop Guy x 5
After they were the first book to sell out during the con i felt like a reatard that i left 5 copies on my study floor.

The Bear x 10
This is a hard sell, because its a 24 hr comic, rather cheaply put together with a boring cover. But its soooo good. So I would just beckon likley readers and hand it to them with the proviso "Read the first 4 pages if you don't like it walk away no harm done". And it worked 50% of the time which i think is pretty good. When i sold the last of these I did a victory dance.

Tales from under the bed x 8
I found these when i got up there and they sold pretty conistent, i did have to left over but i only found those as i was packing up.

Ozcomics Magazines (various) x 10
I didn't bring any up with me, the ones sold were ones left over from last year.

x 4
Pop Culture X 5
The Batrisha's went easy to the kind of people who say "One of everything, thanks". The Pop Cultures took a bit of time but i probably could have sold more if i had'em.

I don't have exact numbers but on Tonia's side of the table; Pirates flew off the shelf, Eat Comics did ok, a hell of a lot of people flicked thru Something Wicked and i think Kitty Boy did ok. Actually I think most of Tonia's stuff was pretty consistent.

Compare this to last years Brisbane con's sales and it was a good improvement (on a per title basis) but mianly not having the disappointment of having to take copius amounts of stock home..


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'd buy a crab allan if you've got any left.

mikedelight at if it's doable.

Kylie said...

I came across your site when looking to buy Batrisha books on the net. I'm in NZ but can't find them anywhere.
Any ideas of a supplier?

Mark Selan said...

Hi Kylie,

I did a serach using and found
Otherwise you can try and contact Dillon through his Blog,

Hope that helps