Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My 24 Hour Comic

Its in the Mature section of Pulp Faction and therefore not accessible for non-Pulp Faction members.
But I want the achknowledgement and praise from my friends or more likely provide for an opportunity for a weird silence and lack of eye contact after the phrase "I saw your 24hour comic"

I had the idea of "Its been awhile" ages ago, inspired by sitting at the uni bar talking shit and looking at girls. I told Em my idea on the day giving the example "girl with no arms vs girl with no legs". She noted her disapproval with "you do know there are girls with no arms out there?" "Yeah don't worry I'll do it with sensitivity!".
Well I'm still working on "girl with no arms vs girl with no legs".

I think I crossed the line with a couple of them. In my defense both sides are fairly represented and there are no winners (except for red heads - they always win). The aim was to make the guys look stupid because guys are.

I'll link to the images instead of embedding them because they might not be worksafe.

Pages 1-8

The (ahem) "art" for these pages was about 12 panels that i just swapped and changed. I'm hoping i can convince someone to draw nicer pics that i can use for more strips.


Cactus said...

That was the funniest shit I read in the challenge, I must say.

"It's funny cause it's true."

p.s. Have you ever used the audio word verification for comments?
It sounds like bad performance art.

Anonymous said...

These are great, in a Ralph Kidson way.


Mark Selan said...

Thanks Prackie!
I'm holding up a mirror to society and making penis jokes too

Daren - I just read Captian Dolphin and its great. Thanks for the tip