Friday, June 16, 2006

I spoke too soon

Well, remember when I showed you that page from my Something Wicked 2 story being done by Harvey nominee Datsun Tran?

Remember how i said i hoped he finished the 4 page story before he got snapped up by IDW?

Too late.

So if anyone wants to draw a 4 page story for Something Wicked 2. Let me know.


LeBitch said...

I would like to respectfully throw my hat into the ring if no one else [more talented] speaks up.


Jules F is stalking Selan said...

I may or may not be interested, Mark. Have your people call my people.
Sigh... Actually I'm my own people, and I want in on SW 'cause ish one was knockout.
But Maggie spoke up first, so if she drops out...