Friday, June 23, 2006

My 24 Hour Comic - part 4

And rounding out this week of high culture and intelligent humour the last 6 pages of "Its been awhile" which closed out my 24 hour comic.
That's right i did 31 pages in 24 hours and that included 6 hours sleep.
Be in awe of me hu-mans, i put the sex into sequentialist!

Never mind the shitty drawing, everyone knows comics is about the writing!

I have had an offer by an artist to draw the "Its been awhile" panels all artistically sound and wotnot which is pretty cool.

I think the latter ones are better than the ones i posted a couple of days ago. Otherwise I'm going to try and do about 3 a week.

Anyway It's Been awhile part 2.

Note that in Asian vs African the first panel should have been goateeguy talking not fubuhat.

And "vs" suggestions are always welcome

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