Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sureshot Presents - Now Available

Sureshot Presents is a series of one shot complete stories highlighting the quality and diversity of the Australian Comics Scene.

The first issue was released at Brisbane Supanova and features L. Frank Weber's Crab Allan: Gothic Boogaloo.

Crab Allan, freelance photographer and accidental adventurer and his chain smoking monkey Jojo just have to wait by the car for 3 minutes. Maybe four minutes.
Five minutes - tops.
Somehow this leads to sewer spelunking, satanists and slugfights.
And a really cute kitty.

Its now available around the country through

PhaseTwo Comics
Where you can also get the Crab Allan graphic novel as well.

In Sydney you can grab copies at Kings Comics (Pitt St)

Melbourne just recieved copies at Minotaur Comics (Elizabeth St)

Dee's Comics in Canberra has a couple of copies left as does Brisbane's Ace Comics and Games.

And for people in Adelaide check out Pulp Fiction Comics (King William St)

If they don't have it - ask for it or let me know and I'll follow it up.

So check it - the second issue is being worked on at the moment and will feature a Melbourne creator and should be ready by Doujicon.

Those shops also should have copies of the Ozcomics Magazine which covers a number of topics relevant in the current Australian comic scene.

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