Monday, June 05, 2006

OzComic 24 Hour Challenge - Prizes

This year we have taken some initiatives to help bring the challenge up a notch, but still retain the fun aspects of the event. With that in mind, we have two main category groups.

Group 1 - Judges Categories
Winners of these categories will be preferentially voted on by a panel of four select judges from the Australian Comics industry. As outlined on the rules page, the categories are split between 'Mature' and 'General'. These comics must follow the rules for the random insert items to be eligible to win. Prizes as follows:

1. Best 24 Page Mature Comic - Original Artwork by Ben Templesmith
2. Best 16 Page Mature Comic - A selection of 6 graphic novels from Pulp Fiction Comics.
3. Best 8 Page Mature Comic - $100 from Oztaku

4. Best 24 Page General Comic - A fully paid table in Artist Alley for the next Supanova
5. Best 16 page General Comic - 'Sureshot Presents' prize package, being inclusion in the Sureshot Presents magazine plus 20 copies of that issue, AND a selection of 6 graphic novels from Pulp Fiction comics.
6. Best 8 Page General Comic - Original Artwork by Queenie Chan

Group 2 - Popular Choice
As per previous years, the winners decided by public vote. Voters must be registered forum members. You must complete at least 8 pages, and finish in the 24 hours, to be eligible for prizes. We have split this in to three categories - with a special category this year for Manga fans. To be eligible for the Manga prize please nominate in your entry title 'Manga', and it must be suitable for the 'General' category as per the rules page. Prizes as follows:

1. Favourite Overall Mature Comic - Selection of 4 graphic novels from Pulp Fiction, plus a selection of Australian comics from radioTAK and friends.
2. Favourite Overall General Comic - Selection of comics from Phosphorescent Comics
3. Favourite Manga Comic - Prize packs from Manga Arts including pens, brushes, ink, nibs, manga paper and screentones, plus the winner will be featured on their website.

Now it's not all about prizes so if just want to join the fun without restrictions feel free. There wil no doubt be plenty of 'honourable mentions' and us organisers will be getting into the fun too even though we can't win prizes. We can guarantee there will be a LOT of visitors to the site during and after the competition so it's a great opportunity to show what you can do in a short space of time.

A big thanks to all our sponsors:
Pulp Fiction Comics
Ben Templesmith
Manga Arts
Phosphorescent comics
Queenie Chan
Sureshot presents

Good luck to all and most of all have fun!

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