Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My 24 Hour Comic - part 2

At Brisbane's Supanova i was talking to Andy Finlayson about the 24 hour challenge and i mentioned i was considering rescripting some old Australian comics. He suggested i could use a comic he drew 12 years ago for the Millenium Anthology on the proviso i also use another story in that book by Michael Evans.

Well I didn't do that.

I was careful not to read or even flick thru the comic before the day and it took me a while to figure out a hook. The actual story is about a team of superheroes owned by a company who kill some terrorists. I made it into a story the essentially non-existent schism between minicomic/zine/self publishers and those who want to work for overseas companies as Work For Hire creators. Again, its not really an issue that is talked about or is really an issue. Especially these days, as i understand it, though it was a topic of discussion in the early 90s.

Anyway, a quick guide to the story
Andy Finlayson - is a Brisbane animator who has gotten his first gig with Top Cow doing a 4 issue mini series called Sulphur. He's also an awesome guy who seems to stalk the Australian comic scene more than me and has a massive collection of photos involving him and cosplaying teen girls.
Jason Badower - is a melbourne based fitness instructor (ergo making him a girl) and Australia's only comic artist/ninja (ergo making him a really hot ass kicking girl). He did some work in Anthology about twelve years back and did some other self publishing efforts. He's now an art director and illustrator for Top Cow.
Paul Abstruse - a sydney-sider who did the fantastic art in Witch King as well as being one of australia's sexiest comic book artist (he lost the title to jase by way of arm wrestling match). Whilst he isn't doing any work for an overseas publishers - he should. He self published something called Sloth or Creep or Slime (i think) He was included in this because i couldn't think of anyone else at the time. I should have used David Yardin.
Darren Close - he started Ozcomics a hub of australian ctreators between 1999 and 2003 and is doing the inking for Sulphur. He also created Killeroo. He also inked some of Witch King. Much maligned for having flame wars with various people he's kept quiet of late. Except for popping up on my msn with bizzare requests such as "All i want is hasslehoff to record a song with Mc Hammer" which i received on the friday before the challenge. I think he owns an xbox.
Gerald Ashworth - a zine creator who wrote a scathing review admonsihing David De Vries and Glen Lumsden's Southern Squadron for being to American (that's what i've heard, never read it myself)
Bruce Mutard - has been self publishing for ages with Street Smell but he also released The Bunker through Image comics. He's doing a new graphic novel based on Sydney during WW2.
Matt Huynh - is a awesome and creative self publisher who wears bad suits to conventions (like purple double breasted suits)
Christian Read - is a writer who has worked for Dark Horse but is mainly known for his Phosphorescent Work including Witch King and the Watch. He also wears suits to conventions.
Supanova - is a Pop Culture convention where self publishers try and sell their work (in Artist Alley), people dress up in costume (Cosplayers) and artists show their stuff at Portfolio Reviews.
Top Cow - is a publisher based in California known for its media deals and comics about big breasted women stabbing people.
Rob Liefeld - is a very successful artist who can't draw feet or perspective or facial expressions or very much at all. He's also sold millions of comics with these skills.
And lastly Roger is some sort of talent scout/editor with Top Cow. I met him once at Sydney Supanova and the only thing i remember is he arm wrestled a girl.

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cmon, who wouldnt want to see a duet with Hammer and Hasselhoff, seriously.