Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Kings Comics Presents Sureshot Presents

If you are in Sydney and want to buy Sureshot Presents head to Kings Comics on Pitt St for your copy.

And i've recieved pages for the Winter issue and it looks very nice.


stikman said...

Hey, I ran into a copy at Kings by chance today - it's a nice little package, congratulations!

I immediately went to read it over lunch at a grilled food restuarant and then re-read it again at uni and on the train home.

The bonus short at the end was particularly especiale.

Mark Selan said...

Thanks Matt,
I'm very proud of the book, there are a couple of productions glitches but there always are

I think Weber should do more Boathead and Crab Allan and whatever else he wants to do

And thanks for picking it up