Friday, June 30, 2006

Industry vs Scene: Phosphorescent Comics

One of the things i miss about the Ozcomics messageboard was that there was a high level of discourse concerning Australian comics and the various cultural, financial and creative constraints/benefits of the local product.
Sure, the same topics went around and around (I swear everytime someone mentions Nescafe Big Break my heart breaks big time because basing any business model around "winning" money is plain dumb) and at times people got - you know - overly passionate.
But there was talk that was always interesting and informative.

There is a great discussion at Phosphorescent comics Messageboard about scene vs industry. About business building and marketing; reality and dreams. If i get some time over the weekend i might chime in.

Otherwise pick up Azerath because I like it and you might too.


azahru/liz said...

I tried to join in the conversation, signed up and everything (not sure what happened, could have sworn I'd signed up earlier) but I don't have permission to reply! very odd.

I was going to say one of the things that gives me hopefullness is how the internet is overcoming some of the tyrannies of distance in Australia which I think is helping us to develop a critical mass. Other smaller population countries are generally geographically small, while we're spread out pretty far. I'm not sure if it's just my innate optimism, but I think there is something building and one of the things that gives it strength is the variety of projects and people trying to take themselves seriously. Some projects won't make it, some will, but even the projects that don't make it will add to the critical mass as stories look for homes elsewhere. It takes time to build an industry and there's no shame in that, I've seen a definite increase in the quality, content and variety of Australian comics available over the past few years. I don't think we can rest on our laurels, but I think we are developing and establishing ourselves. There are more people pioneering and there are more people being supported in their pioneering - they're not just working alone. What happened to Troy recently in Comic Idol is a good example of how we're developing critical mass and able to support each other. Troy ran out of steam in terms of promoting himself and it looked pretty grim - so others helped to push it forward and rally the troops. We're not as alone in our dreams or limited by geography as we were 10 scant years ago.

I think we are making ground, but there's a whole lot more ground to cover and a lot of love and not much cash, diversity in projects so we don't put our dreams in one basket and a whole lot of professionalism and mutual support to get there.

Mr Tang said...

I concur, Azerath rocks my socks.