Monday, August 01, 2005

Excelsior in the Upper House!

All political articles should be like this
that way I'd pay more attention to politics

Of course following this logic; John Howard, man frozen in time, would be Captain America.
Mark Latham would be Wolverine, a loner and an outcast with a temper. Peter Costello is either Doctor Doom or Nightcrawler (mainly because of the teeth and the smell he leaves behind - oh and the spawn of satan thing). Amanda Vanstone, commandering detention centres is Emma Frost; leader of the Hellfire club (thankfully without the camel toe). Ferrari driving John Hewison who lacked ticker is Iron Man. Bomber Beasely is Nick Fury. Ruddock is Spiderman, because with great power comes great resposibility (which should be spread about as thinly as possible in times of crisis). Brendan Nelson would be the Punisher and MAKE THEM PAY.

Now i have to try and figure out who Downer would be-


Anonymous said...

Continuing into political commentators (well...) John Laws could be Power Man, Hero for Hire.

Mark Selan said...

I thought either Peter Garret could be Power Man, Hero for Hire or what's-her-name that defected from the Democrats.

Nate said...

Downer would be Willie Lumpkin, the FF's mail amna and one time paramour to aunt May.

Nate said...

That should be mail man.