Thursday, August 18, 2005

Travel Itineary

Aug 19-22
Doing very touristy things (if anyones in london email we can catch up on saturday).

Aug 22-26
4 days of just walking around misprouncing french words

Aug 26-30
Amalfi Coast
Doing a couple hour cooking school but mainly going town to town and wandering.

It gets hazy after the Amalfi Coast but

Aug 30-Sep 5
Cinque Terre, Florence, Venice
i want to go fishing at cinque terre, make jokes about David's genitals and ride a gondala

Sep 5-12
Try and not embarrass my mother drinking homemade wine. Also show off Emma to the family.

Sep 13

Then home September 15

I've noticed some comixers are celebrating my birthday appropriately

Otherwise i'm going to try and blog various going ons and checking email


douglasbot said...

Godspeed young Mr Selan. GOD. SPEED.

G said...

Have a fun and safe trip, Mark!!

Oh, if you get a chance, you should try this quirky little restaurant called "Refuge des Fondues" on rue Trois Freres, metro Abbesses in Montmatre. Their gimmicks are fondues, wine served in baby bottles and communal dining tables!

The Frase said...

Hey Mark,
I'm in London and would totally love to catch up and have a beer!!

I'll email you my mobile! (It's TOP SECRET!! The Paparazzii have been trying to follow my every move!)