Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Australian Comic Publisher

Where did this come from?


It has government funding and some big creators involved Shane McCarthy and Ashley Wood- looks good.

Any information on who and what would be cool


douglasbot said...
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douglasbot said...

Chatted to Shane over in San Diego...and even talked about self publishing and the state of play over here. He didn't mention this though...so i'm not sure what the deal is.

Could be interesting though, hopefully it comes together soon.
The East coast comikers could learn a lot from the water the West coast comikers are drinking.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. They wrote me and asked me to add a link to them on the main page (which I gladly did). I encouraged them to post their call for submissions on the forums.


Shane McCarthy said...


You know I completely forgot about this. I'd received word from these guys several weeks before leaving but with everything going on it slipped my mind.

It's great to see they're doing it though and making something happen over in this neck of the woods. Glad they asked me to be involved.

Wolf said...

Hi all, just found your blog thread and thought I'd give you a brief background on the company...

Gestalt Comics is an operation out of WA run by a couple of guys, both of whom have commercial experience in producing comic strips/editorial cartoons...etc

Over the years we have both witnessed such a wealth of talent (both local and interstate) that we thought deserving of publication and wider recognition that we thought we'd do our best to give something back to an industry that we're both passionate about. After long discussions with Chris Staros from Top Shelf Productions, we finally plucked up the courage to get this thing happening.

www.gestaltcomics.com is the place to go for anyone wanting more info.