Thursday, August 04, 2005


the best example of a "comics aren't for kids, well except for the ones the can't read" article

Article Inventory
bam, pow, biff - Check
reference to comic movies - Check
Manga - Check (extra points because of the use of quotes)

unfortunately there is no mention to Maus - Art Speigleman weeps

otherwise, its a great initiative; in South Australia there are 600 schools, each with their own library, plus another 50 council based libraries. That's a pretty good market to hit.


Tonia said...

They only think they have introduced comics to libraries now? Books like "Asterix" and "Tintin" have been offered to reluctant readers for years.

G said...

what tonia said. Tintin and Asterix were the only reasons i went into the library when i was a kid XP

Mark Selan said...

Actually, remembering back Asterix did it for me as well (not that i remember anything about them).