Friday, August 19, 2005

no clowns

We've all just survived our first day in london. None of us slept well in the past 40 hours but we made the most of it.

We are zombie tourists. Emma is barely human and my mum is soldiering own with her bad feet, luckily for her she leaves for slovenia and rest in a day.

Its raining and cold so most of ou plans went out the window. We saw buckingham palace (but didn't stay for the changing of the guard) and then after some grumpiness and sleepy headed arguing walked around the Tower of London, literally and then went to the British muesuem which was good.
Problem is that we are all too polite but with short tempers

"I'll do what you want to do"
"I'll see whatever!"
"Me too, i'll just follow, so you chose"
"no, i don't care you chose!"
"somebody chose!"
"no you chose!"
"Why should i choose! You do something for once!"
"Me, what about you!"

Our feet hurt, the street planning is a shambles, so we get lost often and have to walk extra. And I can't understand why the tube system has more stairs than actual track.

Emma hasn't finished a meal yet because the food is not the greatest. She did though ask about what kind of animals did picadilly circus have - honest so not all is lost.

I've noticed that british girls; kinda hot, which surprised me. London guys, i kind of have beat - ah to be single.

Tommorrow, plans to go see the Tate Modern, walk around oxford/bond street and look up scott and lisa.

oh as if anything else was possible - the flight sucked, even if the food was ok and the inflight movie choice all right, me+plane(turblence)=hell


Tonia said...

Hope you guys enjoy your trip - things will look better after post trip jet lag subsides I'm sure.

The Frase said...

Hopefully the 3 pints we had (that was only meant to be one) on the saturday sorted you out Mark!