Friday, August 12, 2005

Movie Movie

This makes me happy

Otherwise what i've watched in the last month or so

Hi my name is Anthony Hopkins I'm here to hammer in the subtext, welcome to the bronze age.
It felt like it was 4 hours long and not 2.5. Awful.

The most depressing film i have ever seen. I haven't seen the originally but i'm assuming that it had a structure. Awful - however Jude wears nice clothes and Marissa T. is hot. Again Awful.

Assualt on precinct 13
This is apparently a sequel to Training Day, where Ethan Hawke gets to shoot people and cause explosions. Good.

I bought the box set and i love Diana Rigg. I wish i looked good in pin stripes. Good to Great. (depending on the episode)

Blade: Trinity
It seems Goyer saw Daredevil and Van Hesling and thought 'yeah, that's a good idea'. Wise cracks are not always wise. Dumb.

Never read the comic. The holy shotgun is probably the dumbest thing i've seen but otherwise its enjoyable. Kind of good.

Why didn't anyone tell me how great this is? Its great. However Calamity Jane had a moustache and I'm not sure if the word fuck was around in continental US. (I heard it was used by australian soldiers in WW1 and spread from there).

An actual thriller with proper twists. Good.

Infernal Affairs
Bit late on the bandwagon but Andy Lau makes good films (whose names i can never rememeber). This is probably one of the best films i've seen this year. Great.

Emma, as she does, was desperate to see Jaws and after reserving a copy, she walked around the house going DA ...NA.....Da..Na..Danadanadana DAnanaaa. Then after we watched it she was disappointed "I thought there was more danana!".
Otherwise, probably Spielbergs best. Great.

Jaws 2
The video store said they lost their copy of Jaws 2 but i found it two weeks later in the Bond section. There was enough danana to satisfy Emma. Dumbly OK.

Princess Blade
The fight scenes were pretty decent. It was shot nicely. Otherwise Meh.

Sky Captain and the World of tommorrow
It was alright, it wasn't as fun as i thought it would be. i think it will grow on me with extra viewings. . Entertaining.

A film about the belittling effect of Bureaucracy? No. A film about nationality and individuality? No. A film about stationary in a world of movement? No.
Spielberg makes a film where Tom Hanks plays a magic negro character and helps out the people around him. Snore. I got slightly intrigued when the "Greatest day" was brought up when all the jazz greats gathered in Harlem. Jazz, especially bebop, sounds disorganised at times but is highly structured. Getting all those jazz greats in the one spot was a monemental chance (considering how often they toured at the time -WW2 had spread jazz all over the joint and these guys would have been in demand). So you have this contrast of organised and disorganised plus chance. Airports seem disorganised but are in fact highly organised and hanks character is screwed over by chance. So it would have been great for some sort of connection. But no spielberg doesn't do subtext.

War of the Worlds
I had no problem with this what so ever. Especially for $5. Good.

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