Sunday, August 21, 2005

Day two

The second day was much better. The weather was nicer for a start.
the only dramq through the night was at about 1am when the airconditioner started leaking on to our bed. This necessitated a call to the concerige and zombie walking to another room. And crashing again.

I went to Victoria station to organise a day trip for Sunday and a coach to get my mum to Slovenia, by way of Stansted Airport. With that out of the way it was of to Tate Modern. Emma and my mum were off to Buckingham Palace and Harrods for the day; including a fish and chip lunch and high tea.

Anyway, Tate Modern was very cool. There was an exhibition of Frida Kahlo's work, who's work i like but monobrows freak me out and she does a lot of self portraits.

After about 2 hours of wandering with the audio tour stuck to me ear it was off to meet up with Scott Fraser. He brought Ansley, who i called Rita and Annalise, because i'm tired and stupid. Lunch was good, much better than the crappy food of the previous day; pasta sauce with no flavour but with a skin and margarita pizza without basil. Then we went for a pint.

that turned to three

we spoke about humans needing to regain monkey tails to exist in the modern age, the connection between redheads and the diggsville mafia and other stuff which i don't remember

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