Monday, August 08, 2005

Abbie Cornish vs Batman

In Australia, local film Sommersault made 2.1 million dollars. At $17 a ticket, it can be assumed about 125,000 people saw it.

In America, a top 5 selling comic sells about 130,000 copies to comic shop retailers.

It puts something into perspective, I'm not sure what, but it seems interesting.


Anonymous said...

Well.... The film industry keeps more people employed and has ehhhh... sorry I don't have any other points to make.

I have an Issue 1 GhostRider from '88, could you please tell me how much I could get for it. It's not in very good condition, oh and on the back cover it has an add for MJ's Thriller.

Mark Selan said...

With those sorts of numbers, its safe to assume that comics is much more profitable.
130,000 times $1.5 (if we assume that $1.5 is the wholesale price of a DC/Marvel comic) that's a gross profit for publishers of $195,000.

and, um, and , yeah

Your Ghost Rider comic is indeed valuble since it proceeds the #1 of 1990 volume of Ghost Rider starring Danny Ketch (featuring art by Javier Saltres and written by Howard Mackie) by 2 years.
It also features an ad for album that was at least 5 years old.

I suggest you sell your time travelling comic and perhaps produce a movie