Monday, August 15, 2005

Catch up with local comics

Apparently James Kemsley, as president of the Australian Cartoonist Association has been invited to the Bucheon Comics fair I spoke about a couple of months ago. I wasn't aware that country's industry presidents get a free ride and i'm sorry if i wasted anyone's time applying to get a sponsored trip to Korea.

Edward Grugg's 24 Hour Comics is All Time Top 10 at Webcomics nation. Congraulations Edward!
Other Australias represented are

Otherwise Nate Soehardi is no longer drawing Suburban Knights, which is good as long as he's drawing something

Cover of the Funnybone book looks good

Is there a full list of everyone involved?

Colin Wells and my entry to Liz's Dreams of Tomorrow held up production because I'm forgetful.

I'm sending in samples of Crab Allan, Brick Dog and other Stories and Batrisha to the organisers of South Australian Premier's Reading Challenge


Edward J Grug III said...

Hey! Thanks for the plugs!

Would you believe you missed another one by me?

Samson The Cat -


Grug again said...

Oh, and a billion by Dean Rankine too!

Dean Rankine said...

Hey Thanks for the web-comic-plug too!

Re: Korea - No worries. It was definitely worth me atleast trying :)

Mike Hell said...

Can't remember if you've touched on it before but how about 'a most overated comics' thang?

Mark Selan said...

No problems guys with the 'plugs'

Mike - I don't really read a lot of American Comics to talk about what's overated. I can say what's disappointing (All star batman and robin).
In terms of Australian comics, nah, i'd have to watch what i say too much because some people get agro to easy. I like 95% of the stuff released locally.

Nate said...

"...which is good as long as he's drawing something"

I'm drawing something.

Otherwise I'd look kinda daft at Supanova having paid for a table and all.