Sunday, July 31, 2005

burger me 2005

Inspired by a great love of burgers, an entry on Gary Lau's LJ and an article in the latest GQ on the '20 best burgers in the States', i too have started and finished phase 1 of tasting burgers from around adelaide.

I go for plain burgers, no beetroot, pickles, eggs, pineapple and i usually ditch 50% of the lettuce and tomato. Because i'm hopeless approxiamating weight,(but really good with distances), when i talk about patty size, it'll be based on macdonald's quater pounders, but use it as relative basis between burgers.

Oxford hotel
Burger and beer
A plain meat patty, which means that it has a tendency to break apart because it hasn't got a binding agent (egg is usually). Or sometimes it means that its really fresh. This was cooked medium rare and was really drippy. I was a bit drunk when i ate this so i don't remember much - not sure if it had onion or bacon, or even cheese.
It was on a plain bread roll and was pretty large at 3 1/4 pounders. The lettuce was shredded and the tomato sliced but they were ditched because they were still cold and wet. The becks was just drinkable.
It was served whole.
The chips were ok.

Saturday-Tuesdy were burger free.

My Place
Burger and ginger ale
I was home alone and whilst i like cooking for 2, cooking for one is pretty lame. My own burgers are usually really good but this was a schamoozle. Firstly i had accidently bought lean burgers which had no flavour and kept sticking to my non-stick pan, i burnt the bacon and overtoasted the buns. the onions were nice and you can't go wrong with cheese singles (well except for the lack of flavour). Finally i added too much bbq sauce trying to revive the dry bacon and burger.

Brighton Esplanade
Burger and Beer
To do some celebrating I took Em to the beach for dinner. This was smaller, about 2 1/4 pounders, on a normal bread roll. Again a plain patty but it held together really well, but lacked any flavour. It was really bland. The cheese though was nice. The side of chips was minimal.

The Criterion
Burger and Beer
A worker's pub that is going to be demolished soon to make way for a atrium for a highrise office building.. One of the few places that didn't have a 'burger and beer' meal. Of course this means that i get to pick the beer, instead of have to drink something crap, looking at you Tooheys Dry. This was served whole and it was great. A nice weighty patty, that was sesoned with a decent amount of parsely. It was cooked a bit dry but at least it didn't crumble. It didn't seem to have mayo, a condiment i'm not too keen on, espeically on burgers. Mayonnaise is for chicken/lettuce/salad, on meat its just a cover for cooks that let their food dry out on the grill. -Sigh-
This hung together really well, nothing fancy but an honest solid burger. Chips were ok, just ok. Washed down with a Coopers Pale it will be a pity when they rip the criterion down.


Anonymous said...

Haha, awesome...

I've always wanted to make a blog reviewing instant noodles...

G said...

i love me a good burger.

pretty lucky (well, unlucky for my wallet) that they opened this new burger joint right next to my uni campus.

i also like my burgers plain (i loathe pickles) but sometimes i go with the "aussie" = beetroot, bacon & egg, too.

for example, my favourite 2 burgers from this "grill'd" place are:

simply grill'd - grilled 100% lean beef patty, salad, relish, herbed mayo and tasty cheese and
mighty melbourne - grilled 100% lean beef patty, tasty cheese, crispy trim bacon, free range egg, beetroot with salad, relish and herbed mayo.