Monday, January 29, 2007

when Lulu is a booboo, when comic xpress doesn't impress

I'm not a fan of the way Print on Demand comics is done by most local comic creators. This article describes some of my concerns about POD and name drops Dean Rankine.


Daren White said...

I tend towards caution for these as well. Has anyone imported a bundle of these to sell at the local cons? If so what are the unit costs including mail? I'm not convinced that they work out any cheaper, in Australia, than the docutech comics (Knee Pockets, Flange etc). Has anyone published sales figures for non prompted sales?

Why don't you post this link on Pulp. It might get a discussion going.

twalden said...

I think POD is good when used in conjunction with other methods of delivery (eg using Lulu Ausie comic creators have a way to get their comics available to the folks in the US which is usually pretty prohibitive cost wise) Doing a print run at Kablam would be as affordable as good docutech printing in Australia but you have the risk of not dealing with a local company.(that being said I have heard good things about them and their product looks nice) - however shipping Lulu books over here is pretty prohibitive because I don't think they offer surface shipping.
POD is a good option but it shouldn't be the only one - it should probably be combined with cheaper minicomics or webcomics so everyone can access the work.

Mark Selan said...

The only reason I'd use POD would be to use in the American market; for sales, pitching a series to a publisher, and creating review copies. Whilst the distribution and production time is seemingly decreased with POD, i think the marketing necessary to get the book infront of people is magnified greatly. (that might be a rant for another time)