Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ebay Aquistitions

I try and buy at least one peice of original art every year and the most recent piece was this

The pencils are by Gene Colan which is a nice bonus but the real draw was its got inks by Klaus Janson, who i have been a big fan of since i saw his pencil work in Gothic (The Legends of the Dark Knight mini, written by Grant Morrison) and later his inks with Romita Jr.
This page comes from Jemm, Son of Saturn which is a series that I've barely heard of, probably one of the 12 part minis that got pumped out by DC in the early 80s. I've been trying to find an affordable by Janson page for a couple of years but because he has worked alot with Romita Jr, Byrne and Lee - it was always quite expensive. There are some earlier pieces available from the mid 70s but I prefer the looser more textured inking style he developed after his work with Miller on Daredevil - which this piece has in spades.

The other buy is more nostalgic - when i was 12 i spent a summer in Slovenia with relatives. An uncle from San Francisco was also visiting and as we drove around in his rental car he'd play all this great blues music which pierced my hip hop ears and blew my mind. He gave me a whole bunch of cassette tapes and i'd pour over them, i never knew who was singing what because everything was unmarked. In 1993 when i was in SF i clumsily tried to hum and sing tracks, trying to get him to recognise what album and artist these tracks were from, particularly what seemed like a live concert. He smiled and told me that it was actually an acquaintance who had died recently, he smirked and wished me luck trying to find a copy. Well, 14 years later I know have SnakeFinger's History of the Blues LP.

This was actually recorded in 1984 by avante garde guitarist Snakefinger (who played with the Residents a lot) in Germany and is kind of rare. But it has great sentimenatal value of a fun summer and an awesome uncle. Of course now i have to buy a record player to listen to it, maybe off ebay.

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