Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This soxs - the ranting

Why do all my socks have fuckin' holes in them? The pair i have on now, have been on my feet for a little over 12 hours, they were brand new.
And there is a fucking hole in them.
Before you ask - no my toe nails are not claw-like, they are neatly cut (i have regular access to concrete). It doesn't matter which business socks i buy; cheap ones, expensive ones, wool, cotton, cashmere, synthetic all have fuckin' holes in them.

So what's the problem?
Well, what happens if i go to a traditional japanese resteraunt with friends spur of the moment style? What happens if i want to try some phat kicks or nice oxbloods on during lunch? What happens?
I'm stuffed because i look like a 30 cent pauper with my holey socks.

The pain and shame.


Anonymous said...

You SHOULD be ashamed! I think this is just a 'Mark' problem. My socks are fine. You dirty, dirty man.

The Frase said...

I am currently wearing one blue and one black sock.

I couldn't find a matching pair this morning.

I too have the fear that TODAY I might have my sock-shabbiness revealed to others!!

Mark Selan said...

Yes! I hate patterned socks but understand why people have them because it makes matching socks so much easier.

I'm glad you understand the shame - my name is mark and my socks don't match

Anonymous said...

I agree with this sock thing you have going. I two have noticed my socks develop holes where in the past socks would last years without a hole.

The more sedentry I have become the more holes ..go figure