Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sureshot Presents Ordinary Eyeball

You can buy Ordinary Eyeball from Pulp Fiction Comics in Adelaide, Impact Comics in Canberra, Minotaur Comics (wehere you can get Sureshot Presents Gothic Boogaloo and Ozcomics 1, 4, 5, 6)and Comics Etc in Melbourne.

I'm hoping to be in Kings Comics, Ace Comics and Phasetwo Comics soon.


Anonymous said...

Noice. Dan Best is in Melbourne this week. I'll get him to grab one.


Edward J Grug III said...

Can we not buy these from you? I wanna buy L. Frank's and Mandy Ord's at once, but only L. Frank's is on Phase 2.

(I already ordered Doug's from Doug)

Also I am thinking of submitting.

Mark Selan said...

I only sell direct at conventions, i'd rather people buy the book from comic shops and other retailers because
1)its easier for me to deal with 5 retailers than 100 individuals
2) being in shops gives it one billion times better visibility than being in a box under my bed
3) i think showing retailers that there is money to be made with local books is important

I'll be sending books to phasetwo soon