Friday, August 04, 2006

Road trippin' Doujicon- pt 4 (old man river and soggy socks)

We headed back to St Kilda. Owen had started drinking his half bottle of vodka around 4pm, stylishly he had mixed it with pepsi and covertly drunk it from a fast food disposable waxed paper cup. He was less grouchy and more fun.

Dinner with a large group is always hard since there is never a consensus; “I don’t want asian” “I don’t want Italian” “I don’t want to spend much” limits the options. I convinced everyone to go to Greasy Joes and I was praised for my greatness. Massive serves, decent tasting and reasonably priced. Everyone was starting to get tuckered out. We had planned to hit the city again but after a big meal it was decided we’d stay local.

We ended sitting outside a bottlo with two beer taps but they served Coopers Pale Ale. We had the problem of not knowing what the glass sizes are called; we are hoping that there is some national movement so we can all come together behind schooners and pints or midis and pots or whatever. Can’t we all get along beerhounds?

We people watched, sitting on the footpath under toasty gas heaters. There must have been a costume party or rave because various people came past dressed as pirates, police, skanks. “A hanky and a wish” was a frequent critique – I know what I was wishing for. There were a lot of bad tans, which I can never understand.

Well Benzine and Dan left for the room. Leaving Owen, Sarah and myself. Owen, again didn’t drink. I think funny stuff was said. Their was a waiter who looked like Joaquin Phoenix meets Robert De Niro who Sarah feel in love with; it looked like his mum was the manager and she’d tell him off like Italian mothers seem to do. Dan rang to convince us to buy booze and head back. I argued I was not 16 year old camp and would like to be drunk in public like an adult. Sarah left me and Owen to finish drinks.

I don’t actually remember getting back to the room but I woke up in my jeans. Ah good times. Good times.

The next morning I woke up at 8 and walked to Greasy Joes for breakfast. I had a double long black and French toast (maple syrup on the side) with a peppermint tea chaser. The pretty dreadlocked waitress gave me some pity “looks like you need a cup of tea” and patted me on the head. I believe I purred.

Full and content I headed back. We checked out and packed the car. Everyone was slightly weary but we headed into the city to do some shopping.

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