Saturday, August 05, 2006

Doujicon photos

I don't like photos so i never take many but here are a few

Road Trippin' - there are better versions of this photo with everyone bar me looking cool. But my blog so i have too look as cool as possible. Sarah is either eating chicken or a gaytime.

Dan tries to escape the trip in Murray Bridge

Avi and Tim McEwen (Supanova) discuss conventions in Australia.

Greg Gates, Dean Rankine, Mark Fitz sit along the wall.

After i took this photo Greg broke out and sang Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance in its entirety.

A common comment was "How cute is Gary's lady?"

"How many people actually think that beard looks good on you Steve?"
"one? fair enough"

Tonia's looking a bit mischiveous there, isn't she? That's scott beattie (in green) and Ian T(homas) in white.

Team Radelaide relaxing at the end of the con.

The rawk.

More photos can be seen at EvilDan's myspace

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Ian T. said...

A nice roundup of pics and catching all three of us on that table is an achievement (I don't think anyone else did)! The shirt's actually check, but it doesn't show up on camera :).