Monday, August 14, 2006

Marcelo Baez blogs

Around 2001 was an exciting time in Australian comics; Killeroo, Tales from Under the bed, Knee Pockets were all being released. One of the books that really stood out and makes me nash my teeth every time Supanova comes around hoping a new issue will appear is Maez' Diabla books. It started being a flip book Lionel Lionheart (it was something like that - don't ask) but then as a flip book with Finch (what a great package that was!) and became its own title later on. If you spot it pick it up - you can get a pack from Phasetwo.

Well to tide me over Diabla creator Marcelo Baez has started blogging


Anonymous said...

I love love love love love love LOVE Marcelo's work and especially Diabla.
I hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings, but... this is my fave indy aussie comic of all time.


Marcelo's Loco Drawings said...

Who's Maggie!? I love you!
I'll be updating my blog with new DIABLA!!


azahru/liz said...

Marcelo's stuff is hypnotically beautiful.

Mr Baez I would have posted this to your blog but as I a not a blogger I may not... but here is what I would have written

Hello, wonderful to see your blog, Diabla is just gorgeous and it is nice to see more of your stuff.

FYI (although you may already know) there is a feed of your blog to LJ now as well

I make happy subscriber number 3 to it :)

Mark Selan said...

Maggie is the pulp faction head honcho and we both think diabla rocks.

and high 5s to who ever set up the LJ feed

Marcelo's Loco Drawings said...

Thanks for everyones very postive comments. Thanks for the feed to my blog too ( i'm still working out this blog business, David Tang has been the one to direct me here) Much love to you too Mark!