Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sureshot and em

Organising this wedding and being ethically inclined we are considering bonbonerie (those little gifts for guests that usually get thrown away). Initially we thought of little bottles of my olive oil (like i sent to various people around the country for xmas) - well Em's mum freaked out claiming some sort of italian bad luck voodoo on giving oil for presents at weddings (we are sceptical tho, we think she doesn't like the idea). So i blurted out i could put together a little comic and she loved the idea - so

(totally self serving post mode engaged)

Would anyone be interested in providing either pin ups or 2-3 page stories staring myself and Emma (i'll supply photos and stories)? I need to know who's interested and with what so i can come up with a format and stories (if need be).
What will you get? My undying love and respect. Maybe some sort of compensation - no promises.
I'll need it by mid November which should be plenty of time.

if you are cool enough send me an email ( by the end of the month.


Owen Heitmann said...

Because I am so magnanimous, I will generously allow you to reprint that 5031 strip featuring your good self entirely free of charge.

Go on, I dare ya.

Jase said...

Previously you've stated you were " maininly concerned in art in commercial sense. Artists getting paid for their work and not necessarily creating great Art "
How about you get behind said artists and offer them a set buck for their services.

I dunno...just a thought.

Mark Selan said...

Owen - you mean the pussy joke? Yeah I'm sue my mum with love that one.

Jase - its a valid thought. That quote was in context of breaking into comics and getting work. And yeah i talk about artists getting paid for their work, but as some of the creators i mentioned experience there are other ways of getting paid. (publicity, networking, etc). Though this isn't one of those cases - granted.

In my defense, the wedding book isn't being sold so I'm not making any money off of it so it's not really a commercial book.

I do mention that I'm willing to discuss compensation; i didn't want to be explicit because this wedding and honeymoon will put me in the hole for about $5000 so i don't know if i can pay cash straight away, and really have no idea how much to offer. i was thinking dvds, cds, comics, graphic novels, wines could be exchanged. Maybe some creators will do it for free as a favour. It would be on a case by case negotiation.

Its only an idea that would be cool but i understand if people don't want to get involved because except for undying love and respect there isn't much i can offer.

and as a final thought i'd like to think I've been pretty supportive of artists in the past and totally recognise the self serviness of it all and therefore understand any resistance.