Monday, January 23, 2006

Ozcomic 24 hour website is back

After the sudden demise of, the Ozcomics 24 hour challenge website was lost. I didn't even have a proper backup - but with the gracious help of Maggie McFee, and some fiddling with files

I've included a media page, where there's

  • Loren and myself on JJJ
  • Darren Schroder on a massive 20 minute interview on Radio New Zealand
  • Douglas Holgate and me on radio abc melbourne (you can hear what i sound like after 30 hours no sleep)
  • plus some scans of newspaper articles
There was a really good interview with Ben Hutchings on National ABC but that was lost

On the entries page, i've got it linking directly to the forum pages, i did have a lot of them in the template but didn't have a backup of that file. Some of the image links may be broken.

if you spot any errors let me know.

(big thanks to anomic for setting all that up)
(and thanks to matty b and monkey for their work on the site.)


The Frase said...

Nice one! I hadn't heard any of those radio interviews.

Tonia said...

Good work Mark, you and Maggie are legends!

douglasbot said...

I actually sounded less like a moron than i thought. Kudos!

The Frase said...

Less like a moron and more like a maniac!

I think you were scaring her with your lunatic-like mad cackle!

Mark Selan said...

no doug, i'm the one that sound likes a moron
"errrrr, huh?"
it was all a giddy experience

Also - the new zealnd mp3 now works - thanks to Andy F for pointing that out

Tonia said...

I think Scott Beattie's entry might be missing off the list

Anonymous said...

Mark did all the work. Don't thank me.

(Mark, welcome.php might need a tweak)

douglasbot said...

I still can't get over the fact that i used the sentence "A kipper is British breakfast fish." in an interview.

Mark Selan said...

tonia - thanks for the pick up i'll fix that soon

?maggie = wind beneath my wings (and cheap hosting) and there's a welcome.php? wow

doug - it could be worse, you could have said kipper's is a french breakfast fish.